Thinking to start a YouTube channel!


Hello, dear guys! I hope you’re enjoying this week before Easter! As the Easter is almost here, I wanna tell you one new – I’m thinking to start my own YouTube channel about makeup and beauty tips!

Actually I was already thinking to start making videos on YouTube two years ago, but I always was a bit afraid to do that, more shy than afraid. I’m a person who usually doesn’t like listening to my own voice in videos, but I think I’m not the only one lol. Also, I was and I’m still a bit worried about what my friends/relatives will say or will think about it when they see my videos on YouTube. I know to be a successful YouTuber isn’t as easy as it looks like – you need to spend lots of hours making and editing your videos what sometimes can be exhausting. But it’s a thing I would really like to try very soon.

So, dear guys, I would also like to ask your opinion – do you think is it worth to start a YouTube channel? I think some of you are already created YouTube channels, and those people who already make videos on YouTube – what tips would you give me before starting a channel on YouTube? And how to be a successful makeup vlogger on YouTube?

I would really appreciate if you could give me your own opinion about it in the comments below. πŸ™‚ I will be waiting for any tip!

Also, don’t forget to review my older post and follow my blog so that to see my new post easily! πŸ™‚

Best wishes,



14 thoughts on “Thinking to start a YouTube channel!

  1. I’ve been thinking about this too, I think it’s a great idea😊 a lot of people start channels from blogs and take their readers with them. I think you should go for it I would definitely watch your videos as I love your posts❀ could you check out my latest?

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  2. Oh, I know the feeling.. I think about starting my own channel and also have some great ideas about what to talk and share but I an’t seem to pull together and take the plunge.yet.. May be I will have one, may be not..As of now, I wish to work as a blogger only.

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  3. I was really nervous about starting a channel too but just went for it. I now have over 50 videos and can honestly say I enjoy doing it so much. Once you get that first one done the rest gets easier. My one piece of advice is to try and get good lighting, I’m still working on improving mine but I did get 2 OttLite’s from Jo-Ann and that has helped. Looking forward to seeing your first video : )

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  4. I know how you feel , I have been thinking about this too. But I guess you should just go for it!:) I’m still thinking about what it would be about, and it’s hard when you never done anything like it before. But I think you will do great, you have a great blog too that you can take inspiration from to your videos:) xo

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  5. yes just go for it dear. like others i was also thinking to start a youtube channel but same problem, i am a bit shy. and also i have not found any good and user- friendly video editing software. So if you know anything about it please let me know and all the very best for your new beginning . πŸ™‚

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