Review: Escada Agua Del Sol perfume


Hello, guys! How are you all doing? It’s been a while I didn’t post anything, but today I’ve decided to write a short blog for you, dear bloggers, again!

As Valentine’s Day just was some days ago, I’ve got a very very nice and sweet gift and I’d like to review it shortly. The gift that I got was the newest Escada Agua Del Sol perfume which made me super happy! I’ve always been a fan of Escada’s brand perfumes and always wanted to buy one, but unfortunately, Escada doesn’t make many perfumes anymore and sometimes it’s a great challenge to find the perfumes and the smells you like of this brand in drugstores. So, for this reason this gift was a huge surprise for me!

But now about a perfume. The first time I took the bottle out of the package I fell in love with the bottle which has a very lovely and colorful design. In perfume shops I think it would be the first perfume that would catch my attention because of its fabulous bottle lol. But the most I fell in love with the smell of this perfume which is just perfect… especially it looks perfect in those gray and wet winter days when you miss that “summery” smell of beach and juicy fruits. The smell of this perfume will literally transport you to the sunny day of summer, the beach, juicy fruits cocktail party and glamorous sunset. The main notes of the perfume are mandarin, apricot nectar and sandalwood, for this reason you’ll feel like you’re in a juicy and warm summer paradise. Talking about the odor fragrance lasting, the smell doesn’t last such a long time, maybe for about 2-3 hours, but the wonderful smell of it definitely wins against this.

Well, I guess I’ve just got my best and favorite perfume. I just can’t stop smelling it lol. I highly recommend this fragrance for you if you really miss summer smell and love juicy and warm, but not too sweet smells. I’m sure you will love it as well!

Best wishes,

Ieva 🙂



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