Want your hair to look better? Use a baby shampoo!๐Ÿ‘ถ


Hello once again, dear bloggers! I hope you are doing well and spent a really nice time with your families in Christmas! Today I am glad to reveal one hair beauty secret and it is called “Use a baby shampoo!”

Yes, yes, a baby or children shampoo. I have tried so many shampoos from brands such as L’Orรฉal, Garnier, Nivea and etc, but none of them made my hair to look perfect. Well, the first weeks yes, but after my hair tend to look kinda messy and heavy. And actually the shampoos are not made to change the structure of your hair or look them perfect. The only thing that shampoo must do is just wash your hair. But a couple weeks ago I started to use a baby shampoo ( Johnsons baby shampoo, but you can use any baby shampoo) and I noticed one surprising thing – my hair became super soft, weighless and shiny. Also, now it takes like 3 days till my hair becomes greasy while using a usual adult shampoo hair starts to appear greasy in 1,5-2 days. The another important thing which I like about baby shampoo is that it has such a soft smell which does not irritate at all. The adult shampoos contain strong perfume smell which sometimes really annoys me and kinda force me to buy other shampoo, but the baby shampoo it seems I can use without any problems about the smell! The only bad thing I noticed about baby shampoo is that it does not foam up as well as the usual adult shampoo, so that means you must apply a bigger quantity of the product onto your hair.

To sum up, I am really happy I discovered a baby shampoo as a perfect alternative to change a usual adult shampoo. Now my hair looks really much better than before. I 100% recommend this trick to you if you as well are looking for a better alternative so that to change a usual shampoo and try something new in your hair-wash routine! So, will you give this a try? ๐Ÿ™‚

Best wishes,

Ieva. ๐Ÿ™‚


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