Natural honey face mask


Hello, dear bloggers! I hope you are having a great Friday! I so happy to back to my blog again after two weeks that were quite busy for me. I will try to post as much blogs as possible like before. I am really glad to share my beauty ideas and reviews with you again and now it is time to review my another homemade beauty hack – honey face mask!

I did this mask just some minutes ago, so I decided to share it with you. Maybe lots of people have heard about this homemade mask before, but I just wanna prove that it is such an AMAZING thing! The only thing that you will need is a natural honey which you can buy in any shop. Then pour some drops of honey to your hand and apply it directly to your face (a lot of people mix honey with lemon juice or other ingredients, but I just recommended to use a pure honey without any other mixtures). Now leave it on your face for about 15-20 min and after wash it gently with a warm water. After that you will get surprised how your face became so soft and radiant! If you repeat this procedure 3 times per week you will even get rid of pimples and scars caused by them!

To sum up, if you want your face to look better instantly, do not waste lots money on expensive face care products – use honey mask instead!  I have been using honey mask since last month and the results are incredible – I have less scars than before and my face all the time looks radiant. And how about you, girls, will you give this a try? 😊


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