Review: KINSTYLE Thermic Spray


Hello, dear girls! I hope you are enjoying this amazing Halloween weekend! As Halloween has become such a popular event, a lot of people tend to makeup their faces in a scary way and make their hair to look perfect as well. In order to make the hair to look perfect, many of us use hair straighteners that can really damage hair. To avoid this it is necessary to use heat protectors. And so today I will shortly talk about one of these heat protectors which I won in a lottery of a drugstore and it is KINSTYLE Thermic Spray. I was so lucky lol!

I confess I was never into hair straighteners as I have straight hair , unless sometimes they appear a bit curly. But for some occasions I straighten my hair and now much more as I have this brilliant Spray. So, now let’s talk about it!

Since the first day I use this product I fell in love with it. It has a very soft “shampoo” smell which sometimes makes me to spray more of this product over my hair lol. Other Thermic sprays usually has a strong alcohol smell which irritates me, but this product do not have this smell at all. Also, it really protects my hair well and makes them even super shiny. Besides, it is easy to use it – you only need to spray this product over clean, towel-dried hair before straighten your hair. You can also use this spray before using a hair dryer so that to protect your hair from hot wind. I think it is really worth to buy this product even if it costs around 9€, especially if you often straighten your hair.

To sum up, I really love this product especially as it is my gift! 😊 If you are going to look for a great Thermic spray – do not hesitate and take this one!


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