Review: Catrice Prime And Fine Anti-Red Base


Hello, dear bloggers! I am back again after quite a long time and I am so happy about it! I hope you are having a great week like me despite a rainy weather. Today I would like to shortly review Catrice Prime And Fine Anti-Red Base which I bought a couple months ago.

I must admit that it was my first time I bought a primer for my face. I have heard a lot about different primers and their advantages and I was pretty impressed about it. So I decided to try it some months ago and picked up Catrice Anti-Red base for around 4€. And here is the pros and cons (the things that claims Catrice):

Pros: the product covers well the face skin redness, pores and other imperfections as it has a green pigment, also gives a matt look and makes the makeup to last longer. 

Cons: the product irritates sensitive skin and promotes grease as it has a creamy texture.

My personal opinion. I should admit I am quite impressed about this product. It really covers well the redness and gives a matt look. For this reason each time I put the foundation over it my makeup and face looks more flawless. Also I noticed that the makeup tends to stay longer on my face when I use this primer. The thing which I don’t really like about this product is that it has a really creamy texture, so if you have an oily skin I recommend you to not buy this product as it can make your skin to appear more greasy. For this reason I think the product is not suitable for a daily use.


To sum up, if you have a lot of red areas on your face and wanna cover them instantly and make your skin to look flawless – this primer from Catrice is a great choice! Just make sure you have a normal or dry type skin. 🙂


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