Review: Olay Beauty Fluid


Hello, guys! Today I am going to review a really great product which I bought a couple days ago – Olay Beauty Fluid (moisturizer)!

Before I always usted to use only face creams, but this time I have decided to try something new for my face, so I took this moisturizer from Olay. It says that it is suitable only for dry/combined type skin which I actually have, so without any doubts I took it. I paid around 7€ in one drugstore and I can say that it was worth to buy it!

I fell in love with this product so much since the first time I used it. Firstly, it doesn’t have as creamy texture as usual creams. It has a bit “runny” texture which I really love. Also, this moisturizer is quickly absorbed in my face which is a big advantage. Secondly, I love the smell which is really really soft. And finally, this product I can really call A Beauty Fluid, because after the first application my face got a healthy and radiant look and was actually beautiful! Also it was soft to touch. I can say that it is one of the best products for my face I have tried so far and I am happy I bought it!

To sum up, if you want to replace your face cream to a different product – try this moisturizer from Olay and I am sure you will fall in love with it as well!



6 thoughts on “Review: Olay Beauty Fluid

  1. Olay’s beauty fluid is a true beauty icon. It’s been around forever and people still love it today because it’s an amazing product. I often use the yellow version of the beauty fluid (the yellow one conains SPF) for days and the original beauty fluid at night. I think these fluids are much better than creams – even for dry skin. And due to the bottle format the product won’t spoil because you never have to dip your fingers into it. So yes, I agree, this product is a total winner!

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