Salt as a silver jewelry cleaner!


img_1053Hello, dear bloggers! I hope you are enjoying this wonderful Friday! Today I want to reveal a secret on how to clean your silver jewelry, and the special ingredient which can do that is a salt!

Probably majority of women love silver jewerly. I do too, and even much more than the gold. I have a couple of silver rings and necklaces. But since I bought them I noticed that they turned into a black color which makes them to look like dirty. I do not know why but silver usually tends to get that dirty look which I really hate. In order to get rid of this problem I was looking for any solution on a social media, and luckily I found it.

If you as well want your silver jewelry to look as a new again, just do this simple trick! Take a bowl and line its inside with a bit of foil. Then put your silver ring, bracelet or whatever it is inside of a bowl, add one big spoon of salt and half of the cup of hot water. Do not mix it – the salt will melt itself. And now leave it to process for about 2-3 hours, if you want even more so that to achieve a better result. After that remove your silver piece from a bowl and drain it gently using a towel. And then your silver will look as new again! I have tried this trick so many times already and it left me really surprised!

If you have a silver jewelry and face with the same problem – then necessarily try this trick. I promise you will be surprised as well! 🙂


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