Review: Maybelline Master Sculpt Contouring Palette


Hello once again, dear beauty bloggers, and welcome back to my blog! I hope you are having a great week! As the autumn is already here, I tend to use a bit more of makeup than in summer and highlight my face a bit more too. So today I am going to review the product which highlights and contours my face really well – Maybelline Master Sculpt Palette.

Sometimes I just want my face to look a bit more perfect, so in order to get that perfect look I bought this Contouring Palette from Maybelline 3 months ago in one UK’s drugstore. I picked it up in the shade 01 which is light/medium and paid around £7 (there are two shades in total – 01 and 02). The kit includes a little mirror, brush, contour and highlighter.

My opinion. The only thing I can say now about this product – I like it! It looks really natural on my face and gives a really great look. Especially I love the highlighter which gives a fresh and gorgeous look! This Contouring pallete is perfect for those girls who love natural looking makeup and want to highlight and contour their face without excess. You can use this pallete both day and night as well.Besides, this product stays on my face up to 8 hours which I appreciate a lot.


The only thing I do not like about this Contouring Palette is the brush! It is really uncomfortable to use this brush as its bristles always falls out and also it makes the contour and highlighter crumbling! Use an usual makeup brush instead.

But apart of the brush, this Contouring pallete from Maybelline is a really great product and I highly recommend it if you like a natural looking makeup too! 🙂


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