Review: Wella Color Charm t14 toner


Hello, girls and welcome back to my blog! I would love to thank you for all likes, comments and follows which I get daily, I am so happy about it! And today I am going to write a short review on how I tone my hair.

Sometimes brunettes want to change their hair color and become a brilliant blonde (I wanted too and I did :D). But to get your dark hair blond requires a lot of patience. Nowadays is so popular an ombré hair dye which on dark hair usually turns out brassy. A month ago I did ombre too using L’oreal Preference Ombre kit, but I really was not happy about how my hair looked like – brassy, with the shade of yellow color. So a week ago I decided to try Wella Color Charm toner in a shade t14 which is pale ash blond. And this is how it toned my hair:


My first impression. This product is simply amazing! As you can see in the photo, my hair immediately became less brassy and got a soft ashy shade which I always desired! I’ve heard about this Wella toner really good comments in a social media, so for this reason I bought it and I did a very very good thing!

Smell and texture. The thing which made me a bit scared was the smell, because it has a really strong smell of amonia and as same texture as some usual hair-dyes. But after I washed this product out of my hair I noticed my hair super soft and shiny and even nourished!


Usage. It is really easy to use it – you only need to take a bowl and pour 1 part of Wella Color charm toner and 2 parts of Wella 20 vol developer, then mix it till gets a blue shade. Then apply it on a towel dried hair and leave to process up to 30 minutes. Just do not forget the gloves as it can cause an allergic reaction!

Where can I get it? This product can only be bought in the hair salons as it was made specially for hair stylists. Also, you can find it on online shops such as eBay, Amazon and etc. I bought it on eBay as it was cheaper – 13£ both Wella Color Charm toner and Wella 20 vol developer. Before you buy it do not forget that you necessarily have to buy toner and developer as you have to mix it together!

To sum up, I love this toner so much and I highly recommend it if you wanna quickly get rid of your brassy blond hair! Also it is a permanent toner, so it means the effect will stay up to some months.



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