Review: Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Polish


Hello, dear girls! I hope you are enjoying this new wonderful time season – autumn! I simply love autumn, because it is such a fantastic time season which brings the new colors, new trends and elegance. I do not know how about you, but once comes the autumn I am always using red color for my nails! And today I wanna shortly review my most favorite nail polish – Rimmel Salon Pro.

I always used to be so unlucky with the nail polishes: they usually started crumbling in 1-2 days and took so much time till became dry. I have already tried so many nail polishes from the cosmetics brands such as Maybelline, Essence, but none of them worked great on my nails. And recently in my life happened a little miracle – I found the nail polish which stayed on my nails for 4-5 days without crumbling at all and took just around 20 min to become completely dry and it is Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Polish!


The only thing I can say now about this nail polish is that it is simply a miracle and I am so so happy I found it as it stays on my nails so many days! And as you can see in the first photograph (color I used was in shade 317 “Hip Hop”), this polish also gives shiny and elegant look which I love so much as well. At the moment I only have two bottles of this nail polish, but I will definitely buy more and more!

The price is around 4€, but it is really worth to spend it on such a great product which promises the desired results. So, if you also want the nail polish to stay on your nails for around 4-5 days, do not consider much and choose exactly this nail polish! I am sure you will love it as well! 😊


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