Body Lotion As a Hair Mask!


Hello, girls!I hope you are having a great weekend! Today I wanna review a really uncommon beauty hack – hair mask which is actually a body lotion! I know – some of you probably think it is a really crazy idea, but sometimes crazy ideas can be so great.

The new media is full of various beauty, clothing hacks, but somehow I have not seen any great hair care hacks. So here is my hack which I have tried just today! If you have a really dry, damaged and lost-shine hair and if you want them to be softer, shinier and smoother, then do one simple thing. Take any body lotion or a cream and apply it on dry hair and leave it to process for about 20 min ( I was using Dove body lotion with vanilla and shea butter). Then rinse your hair well as usual with a shampoo and you will soon notice the difference – your hair will immediately become smoother and shinier after the first wash! And also, your hair will keep the smell of the lotion for a really really long time which I think it is really great. But of course, you need to repeat this procedure more than one time is you wanna see a bigger difference. The evidence is in the photo below:image

Honestly, I am so happy about this hack and I think it I will continue with that in the future as well! Especially I am happy about the shine and smell that gave this lotion. And how about you? Will you give this a try? ๐Ÿ˜Š


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