Black French Manicure!


Hello again, dear beauty bloggers! I hope you are having a nice Friday! As the weekend is just around the corner, I am going to give you a really amazing idea for your weekend’s nails look.

We all women love beautiful and nicely painted nails, especially a French manicure which has already been popular for so many years. And of course, a French manicure looks elegant and stunning, and we normally always imagine it as a combination of a white line on the top of the nail and a nude or see-through background. But wait… Why a French manicure must always be like that? Let’s modify it a little bit!

Take any kind of a black and nude color nail polish and make a French manicure as usual, only on the top of the nail apply black color line instead of white. Of course, you can put any kind of color! For example, for the top line you can use red, navy or other colors as same as for the background, but I personally prefer black and nude combination. This French manicure looks really stunning and gorgeous and I love it so much! It can be a great new look for the weekend, especially if you have any nice plans to do!

So, will you give this a try?



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