Review: Catrice Eyebrow Set


Hello, ladies! Today I wanna shortly review one of my favorite cosmetic products – Catrice Eyebrow Set. I have been using this product more than for one year already, and I think I will never stop!

I have really dark and lush eyebrows. A lot of people have told me I don’t need to put any cosmetics on them, but still I wanted to make them more stunning and film them in. I tried in past eyebrow care products from Rimmel and Maybelline, but Catrice Eyebrow Set was, is and will be the best one I have ever tried! This is the reason why:


As you can see in the photo, my eyebrows after applying Catrice eyebrow powder became more attractive and were perfectly filled in. I really love how my eyebrows turned out – natural looking and beautiful. Besides, the powder did not make the eyebrows too much dark or too much bright as sometimes does an eyebrow pencil.

The set consists of two shades of powder ( darker and lighter), tweezers, comb, brush and small mirror. The set is perfect for the trips as it is so little and includes a lot of things. And also it costs only around 5€, so I think every woman can afford it.


To sum up, I absolutely love this product so much and when I finish the current set I will rush to buy the another one! And I highly recommend it for you if you as well desire to have a natural looking and perfectly filled in eyebrows! 😊


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