Avocado Hair Treatment


Hello everyone once again, and welcome back to my blog! Thank you for all your likes and follows, I’m so glad to share my cosmetics product reviews! But today I’m not going to blog about makeup. Today I decided to talk about one natural hair treatment which I have been successfully practicing since last week – avocado hair treatment.

Nowadays probably all women face with the embarrassing hair problems because of inappropriate hair care or too much often hair dyeing. If you are as well one of these women and suffer of split ends, hair dryness and lost gloss then you should do one simple thing. Instead of spending money on expensive hair treatment products take one avocado, remove its peel, then put it in a bowl and mash until it becomes smooth.


Now put this mass on all your hair or just on the ends if it’s the most damaged part of your hair, and leave it to process for 1-2 hours (if you wanna even can leave for a longer time). Also to this mass you can put a little bit of coconut oil. When the time of process is over, just wash your hair gently with your shampoo as usual and after that if desire you can apply a conditioner.


When your hair becomes dry you’ll notice that your hair became a little bit more nourished, softer and shinier. You should repeat this procedure at least 2-3 per week if wanna see better results. The more you’ll practice it, the faster you’ll see the results.

By the way, you can use avocado to moisture your face skin as well. Simply do exact the same thing – mash it until it becomes smooth and then apply it to your face as a mask and leave it to process for about 10 – 15 min. Then wash it gently and you’ll immediately notice your face softer and more perfect!

Since I discovered avocado as a good natural hair treatment I don’t wanna stop doing this , because my hair became much softer, shinier and healthier looking. So, I really recommend avocado for you as well if you want your hair to be more beautiful and softer! 🙂


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