Review: Rimmel Match Perfection foundation

imageHello everyone, welcome back to my blog! It was really nice to share my favorite cosmetics products in my first blog, so today in my second blog I’m going to review one of my most favorite cosmetics products more specifically – Rimmel Match Perfection foundation. Majority of the girls often love testing new products but I’m not an exception, I love it as well. So last week I grabbed this foundation in one drugstore and I chose it in the light nude shade (102) which seemed to be the closest to my skin color. The product is available in 12 shades, so every woman can easily find the right shade. Shortly about the product ( The benefits that claims Rimmel):

  1.     24HR moisture hydration;
  2.     Pore blurring effect;
  3.     SPF 20;
  4.     Invisible coverage;
  5.     Visibly perfected skin;
  6.     Weightless texture blends with skin’s real tone instead of masking it.

My opinion. Since the first day I tried it I can only say one thing – I absolutely LOVE it! There are lots of reasons why: the package, coverage, texture, smell, fresh and super natural look,  weightless texture and feeling…

Package. I think it’s one of the reasons it took my attention – a little well decorated bottle with blue cover (and we all women love good looking things lol). Also it’s very comfortable to use it as it has a “press tip”.

Coverage. I never liked foundations that have a full coverage and gives a mask effect, so this foundation is just what I wanted – medium coverage. The girls who have the things/defects they wanna cover such as freckles, scars, pigmentation should use both Match Perfection Concealer and foundation. The thing which I really love about this product is the fresh, healthy and natural look without a “cakey” effect. And also it makes the face flawless for almost all day!

Texture. It’s the another thing I love about this product. It has a really weightless, smooth texture which easily blends to a natural skin color. Even if you accidentally pick up a bit too dark shade it seems that this foundation easily “back” to your natural skin color.  I should admit that this foundation reminds me Maybelline Fit Me foundation because of a really liquid texture. It always was my favorite product, but since I found and tried Rimmel Match Perfection it became my second favorite! 🙂 Just I should warn you – if you have a bit oily skin I think this product shouldn’t fit to your face because it can cause an excessive shine. I more recommend it to women who have a normal, dry or combined type skins.


Smell. The smell is fresh, even a bit strong, with the scent of flowers. If you’re allergic or irritated to some smells then this product isn’t the best choice for you. But I’m personally happy about the smell.

To sum up, I’m absolutely satisfied with this product and I highly recommend it! I give strong 9 points out of 10, because it’s one of the best foundations I’ve ever tried in my life. So if you as well have a normal type skin – this foundation is the best choice for you! 🙂


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