Review: My favorite cosmetics products


Nowadays almost every girl or a woman uses makeup. I personally don’t know any girls who don’t use it, because a really good cosmetics products and makeup can make a woman feel more self-confident, cover facial imperfections and highlight the beauty. And I think that every woman has a list of “pearl” products that she uses daily and trust the most. So, in my first blog I’m going to review the products that in my opinion are really good, works well on my face and help me to achieve the desired result. P.S. Just don’t take it too much personally, because we all have different skin types and facial features, so as I have a normal type skin these products are the best ones for the type of my skin I have ever tried in my life so far  :). The products of the picture that I took:

  1.      Rimmel Match Perfection foundation;
  2.      Maybelline Colossal Volum Express mascara; 
  3.      Maybelline Baby Lips balm; 
  4.      Cacharel “Amor Amor” perfume;          
  5.      Rimmel Salon Pro nail polish;  
  6.      Maybelline Lasting Drama gel eyeliner;      
  7.      Catrice Eyebrow Set;                  
  8.      Maybelline Master Sculpt set.

As you can see the most repetitive products in my list are the ones from Maybelline,and Rimmel as well. I’ve tried so many cosmetics product brands in my life, but none “worked” as good on me as Maybelline, Rimmel, Catrice or sometimes L’oreal. And also the products of these brands can be easily accessible because of the good prices – I always said “less is more” and I think I was right :). I’m absolutely satisfied and impressed by all these products, especially by Rimmel Match Perfection foundation which gives to my face a fresh look and leaves it flawless and soft without a “mask” effect (more about this foundation and other products in the second review). Always my best foundation was Maybelline Fit Me, but since I tried Rimmel Match Perfection I fell in love with it immediately! Also I’m really happy with Maybelline Colossal Volum Express mascara which gives a lot of volum to my lashes and curls it without a curler. The eyebrow set from Catrice as well left me a good impression because it makes my eyebrows super natural and fills them well. But I love absolutely all products from this list without exceptions! And of course, how without perfumes… A good makeup is not enough to express your true personality, you also need a perfume with it which could “say” more about you and charm others. The fragrance that I love the most and which express my real personality is “Amor Amor” by Cacharel. It has a sweet smell of fruits mixed with the flowers – this is what I love. To sum up, I highly recommend all these products for you, because I’ve been using them for such a long time and they never disappointed me yet! I truly believe you will love them or at least some of them as well! 🙂



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